Looking for that perfect start to the day…

Brent’s idea of perfection is to start the day with a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee. But, in 2013, our founder discovered he was gluten intolerant, and, all of a sudden, he was looking at a life without bagels.

Good bread can be a true joy to eat. When we eat good bread, we feel a small thrill from the chew and taste of the bread. Good bread can be eaten by itself, and it is not just satisfying, it is fulfilling.

Unfortunately, Brent found that the existing gluten-free alternatives were all severely lacking, and resembled something closer to a dinner roll with a hole poked in it. Where was the chew? Where was the satisfying crust of a real, boiled bagel?

After trying many of the available options, it felt as if there was just no joy in gluten-free baking. None of the gluten-free breads at the time brought any of the joy Brent was hoping for - they were merely placeholders.

So, Brent set out to change that.

Why vegan?

The goal, first and foremost, was to create a gluten-free bagel that was truly satisfying. But most true bagels ARE already vegan - egg is not on the list of ingredients for traditional bagels. However, most of the gluten-free alternatives out there use egg to bind all the ingredients together and give the bagel some structure in lieu of gluten, but also impart a smell and texture that is definitely not bagel-like.

Instead, we’ve relied on traditional bagel-making techniques that have allowed us to achieve the texture and chew of a real New York style bagel without the use of egg.

A bagel for everyone

This journey began because of gluten, but members of Brent’s family are also vegan. So many people follow various food restrictions today, for a wide variety of reasons. The products that have been created as "substitutes" for them are pale shadows of what they are supposed to be, so buying something as simple as bagels for the whole family can prove challenging.

In response, once we achieved a bagel that was gluten-free and vegan, Brent sought to carry on in the same philosophy and avoided many of the other top allergens that are commonly found in gluten-free foods - nuts, soy, corn, dairy, and potato.

Our goal was to create a bagel that was accessible to almost anyone… but most importantly, still tastes great!



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